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American politics – The Economist’s guide to the US 2020 elections | United States

Our latest coverage of the presidential and congressional races

THREE core principles shape The Economist’s coverage of America’s 2020 elections. First, we only ask for your time when we have something worth saying. Second, the horse race is not everything. Who will win in November is the question on everyone’s mind, of course: our data journalists are already tracking the Democratic primary contest, and we are building predictive models for the presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives. But our task is also to write about what Donald Trump has done in office, what he would do with another term and how America might look if his opponent wins in November instead. Third, we are rigorous and fair-minded in our reporting. Every piece we write is fact-checked and our US-based correspondents talk to people all over the country. To help you stay up to speed, we have launched a new podcast on American politics, as well as a weekly newsletter that features subscriber-only analysis of the latest polling data. Or bookmark this page and scroll down to follow the story of America’s election year.

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